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Video Quickstart Guide

Video Quickstart Guide

Our Quickstart guide is here to help you navigate your account set-up and get started on accomplishing tasks that will bring value to your business.

This guide contains:

A walkthrough of the crucial screens in your Oculu account

Detailed instructions on the key tasks to help you get started

Main Screens Walkthrough

The best place to start would be with a quick introduction to the main screens you will be interacting with as you use your account.

For each screen, we will give a brief overview of what functions you can accomplish there, and where you can find them.

One important thing to note is that account managers, and users all see different things on each screen in Oculu, based on the privleges they have been given.

The Home Page

step 1: Click on the button to start the video upload process.

Upload Video layer

step 2: Click on the button to select specific video.

Sample Videos screen

step 3: Select specific video and click on the button to complete video selection.

Upload Video with video selected

step 4: Fill in the Video Title for this specifc video and click on the button to complete upload process.

Upload Video with progress bar

Video Dashboard with initial encoding process

Video Dashboard with final encoding process

step 5: Click on the button of the specifc line to preview the encoded video.

Preview of video in Lightbox format

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