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Pre-Roll Ads – Creating A Start Image


This video tutorial will teach you how to create a start image with pre-roll ads.

Setup requires 2 blocks of code:

1) Load Script

2) Modified Div Code


In this tutorial we will cover creating start images in a company that has ads enabled.

In this example I have got an ad campaign with 5 ads. The 1st step is to click on the videos tab, choose the desired video title, scroll down to standard embed, get the code, copy the load script, insert it into your WordPress page, copy the DIV code and paste it into your WordPress page as well.

Next, scroll up to “Start Asset URL.” Select, Create Your Own.” Choose desired frames and click “save.”

Select the URL and cut it to the clip board so that it is no longer visible in the field. Click on “save changes.”

Go to your WordPress page and paste the Start Asset URL so you don’t lose it. Next is to modify the DIV code. We have a snippet of the code provided in this demo.

First up is to add an image tag and paste in the Start Asset URL. Next, key in style and on the click the video id number, it should correspond to the start image. Next clean up the lines that aren’t needed and update. View the post, and as you can see here, first up is the start image on the click and an ad plays. When the ad completes the video title plays.

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