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Overlay Player Format – Code/Script Instructions

The Overlay Player format permits playback of a video clip as a layer above all other content on the page.

To get started, first, insert the load scripts. Use only one instance of the load script, even if you have multiple video titles playing on a single page.

Next, choose from Auto Play script or Click to Play script. Auto Play invokes playback of the video title on page load while a click requires the video to play in the “Click to Play” option. The Overlay Player also offers the option in changing the video position on the page. The video clip can play relative to a corner of the browser and it is super imposed over all other page content.

If you want the overlay player to start on a click, choose the Click to Play script. Here’s an example.
The Click to Play text can be replaced with an image tag as follows. Additional playback controls are defined here. View the tool tips for each for specific information.

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