API – Access Video Library

To use video Library API you just have to copy the script from the DEMO and paste on your PHP file, options may vary depends on what you needed properties: columns that can ba pulled, it can be set as title and id only, depends on what clients needed foldername : folder name, value for […]


API – Lightbox Controls

Fade in transition is where you can control how fast/slow your lightbox to Fade. You can set it up using Oculu user portal or by adding transition option in Oculu API. e.g: im_play_lb({ video_id:1051261193, width:640, height:360, transition: ‘slow’}) Demos: No fade transition: im_play_lb({ video_id:1051261193, width:640, height:360}) :set up using Oculu user portal. Slow fade transition: […]


Lightbox Auto Play

• Set true if you want autoplay <a onclick=”im_play_lb({ video_id:xxxx, width:640, height:360, autoplay:false}) “> Play Video </a></ br> • Override portal setting for close on complete= yes / no. Define in client page as follows. im_play_lb({ video_id:xxx, width:xxx, height:xxx, AutoHide: true}) • On video complete JS event to client side. Complete command is passed if […]


Poster Image – Start Asset

By default a start poster image can be defined inside the oculu portal, my.oculu.com. To define a poster image outside the oculu portal, add the following to the Oculu video insertion code. Standard Embed Example Code xxxxxx Lightbox Example Code xxxxxx Overlay Player Example Code xxxxxx iFrame Example Code


Video End Image

The video end image is the clickable image or swf displayed after the video has finished playing Usage: To use an end asset, insert the URL to either an image or a swf or upload one from your computer.  Ensure that the URL is preceded by [ http:// ] or [ https:// ]

JS to track video views externally

Ccopy the script below, the Oculu our engine throws current state / event of the player. This is limited to Oculu HTML5 video Player and Oculu Flash Video player. <script> function im_PlayerEventListener(im_event){ /*** im_event values ** start ** pause ** play ** end ** */ } </script> Copy the script below, to catch the current […]


By default a clickpath can be defined inside the oculu portal, my.oculu.com. To define a clickpath outside the oculu portal, add the following to the Oculu video insertion code.   im_is_loaded_ep({ video_id:1392650540 ,start_asset:“http://oculudirect.oculu.com/images/layout/oculu/lightbox.jpg” ,end_asset:“http://oculudirect.oculu.com/images/layout/oculu/lightbox.jpg” ,click_path: “VAST/index.php” });   code need to be add in im_loaded_ep object clickPath iFrame Example Code -> working http://www.oculu.com/im4/im_embed.php?company=1847703219&id=1392650540&served=EdgeCast&k… using […]

Start & End Poster (Start & End Asset)

Start Asset and End Asset API is where you can define the Url of the image in string format. To add Start Asset or End asset you just have to place the start_asset and or end_asset in oculu API. Demo: Start Asset: im_play_ep({video_id:xxx, start_asset :‘http://wwww.domain.com/image.jpg’}); End Asset: im_play_ep({video_id:xxx, end_asset :‘http://wwww.domain.com/image.jpg’}); Start Asset + End Asset: […]