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Your Different Video Streaming Platform Options

If you are looking for innovative ways to propel your brand to greater heights, you might want to consider utilizing video media to market your business or train your staff. You will need a sizeable streaming platform to host your video and serve as a means of distributing it. There are many ways to publish your video on the Internet…

Pre-Roll Tools For Publishers

Did you know that Oculu makes managing video content and serving pre-roll ads easy for publishers? Our video toolbox offers features that make monetizing your content even more valuable. Find out all that Oculu offers for publishers!

Attention Span and Video: How To Prevent Viewer Abandonment

If you’re using online video for your business, you need to understand your viewers attention span is limited. Learn why you need to keep your message short & direct from John Cecil, author of Online Video Revolution.

Successful Video Strategy Requires Early Decision-Making

Marketing your product or service online with the use of video is possible.  Many companies are doing it and some are reaping better profits than others.  Decisions made early in the process of incorporating video into your marketing strategy will put you on the path to minimal or great success, or dismal failure.  Success requires […]

TrueView Ads by Google are seeing positive results by Advertisers and Publishers

This blog is not an advertisement for Google but here at OCULU® we have been pleasantly surprised by the results our customers are receiving when they serve TrueView for their pre-roll ads.  From a CPM basis, the results are good when measured against other pre-roll choices OCULU® streams.  The bottom line is that online video […]

Eight Golden Rules For Online Video Success: #7 Video Play Controls

Who’s in control when watching your videos? How a video plays on your site is a choice that can influence your conversion rates. Find out the difference between user and non user initiated video and how this can impact your conversions by watching now.

Eight Golden Rules For Online Video Success: #6 Video Completion Rates

Hi I’m John Cecil and this is video number six in my eight part series, “Eight Golden Rules For Online Video Success.” Rule #6: Video Completion Rates Marketers never look at Video Completion Rates. But it’s one of the most important metrics in the online video equation. How many people are watching your video to […]

Eight Golden Rules Of Online Video Success: #8 Understand the Smaller Screen

As a marketer it’s really important for you to understand the end user of your online videos. Where are they watching your video from? Are they on a desktop, on a mobile phone, or a tablet? Find out why you need to understand the small screen!

Is Virtual Reality the Next Frontier for Video Serving and Pre Roll Advertising?

The ‘next big thing” in the tech world is virtual reality (VR).  As experts in serving video it is our responsibility to always look to the new frontier.  The question now is:  could VR be the next frontier in delivery platforms for video?  And what do servers of videos specifically need to do to prepare […]

Viral Video? Online Video Requires 2 Strategies to Accomplish Frequent Viewing

Search engine optimization and social networking video content are important components in a balanced online video strategy. Online Video Revolution: How to Reinvent and Market Your Business Using Video by John Cecil, available at walks online marketers through steps necessary to optimize performance, profit and presence with online video content. Click to watch now!

Why Online Video Helps Customers Make Decisions to Purchase

Giant leaps in technology have shifted the Internet from a fully text-based format to primarily video-based viewing. Those changes in technology require that your company move forward with the global movement to provide video footage for visiting web customers. But just what does this mean? Find out from John Cecil, author of Online Video Revolution.

Online Video Creates Profit Centers For Companies

Have you thought about using online video to create income for your company? If you have you, like many others, probably looked at your budget first, thought about the expenditures, and began talking yourself out of using video. Yes, it involves cost. You’ll need to create content for your online viewers to watch when they […]

OCULU® Eyes Virtual Reality (VR) As the Next Big Frontier for Pre-Roll Advertising Serving and Publisher Revenue

 Orange County, CA — July 8, 2014 — OCULUhas announced initial development of a new video player to serve pre-roll ads directly into platforms using virtual reality (VR) technology. Enhancements OCULUwill make to its video streaming player allows marketers increased delivery options for pre-roll advertising messages.  These advancements into VR create opportunities to directly stream […]

API – Access Video Library

To use video Library API you just have to copy the script from the DEMO and paste on your PHP file, options may vary depends on what you needed properties: columns that can ba pulled, it can be set as title and id only, depends on what clients needed foldername : folder name, value for […]

Whitelist URL, IP Blocking, IP Allow

Learn how to limit video plays to specific host pages and limit access to specific IP address or IP ranges with the White List and IP Allow and IP Blocking features now.