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About Us

Who we are….

Oculu, the leader among online video platforms, has been serving videos to websites since 2003. We created our online video hosting technology out of frustration and necessity. What I mean by this is that we started our business as an online production company and over the years have morphed into a technology company that specializes in online video. Back in 2003, it was not long before we realized how difficult it actually was to take our finished video and to have it delivered properly on our clients’ websites. So in order to solve that problem, we hired a couple of software engineers and created a simple yet robust online video platform that would alleviate the headaches associated with properly serving video on the web and we have been enhancing it ever since. In 2010, we finally decided to brand our online video hosting service and call it Oculu. We are located in Orange County, CA.

Behind the name

Oc-u-lu [ok-yuh-loo] -Noun-

It’s a funny name, yes? Sounds like one of those Silicon Valley start up names, with lots of vowels and no clear business model. Sure, we’re an easy to use online video platform that delivers seamless video viewing with robust back end analytics and management tools, but Oculu really DOES have a meaning!

It’s short for “Oculus”, the Latin term for “eye,” which usually refers to a circular opening in architecture. For example the Pantheon, a porthole, or a skylight. Through this opening, light enters without obstacles, illuminating the area below. We like to think of this as metaphor for the way online video platforms should deliver videos – obstacle free and highly illuminating for your audience. Your videos – and more importantly, your vision – should never be obstructed, buffered, or unplayable for your viewers. Just upload, manage, and let the Oculu platform show your viewers… the light!