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Video Platform for
Businesses and Publishers

Supply Side Video/Pre-Roll Monetization Platform for Publishers

Professional, Seamless, and Ad-Free Video Delivery for Businesses

Platform Solutions Like: Video Encoding, Video SEO, Video Email, and Syndication

Real Time Video Management and Analytics Available 24/7

Pre-Roll Ad Serving

Oculu makes managing video content and serving pre-roll ads easy for publishers.

Syndication Feature

Syndicate and share videos with your email contacts and social media networks with just a click.

Video SEO

Get an SEO boost from your videos! The Video SEO feature lets you create a custom site map for submission to search engines.

Video Formats

What format do you want your video to be viewed in? Oculu offers you 3 different options, Overlay, Embedded and Lightbox, that you can customize based on your needs.

Code Insertion

Step by step instructions on how and where to apply the simple Oculu generated code to your website html.

Video Reports

Get real time video reporting data 24/7 with Oculu. Access 10 different points of data for a first hand look on how your uploaded videos interact with your viewers.

Video Dashboard

Manage all of your videos within the Video Dashboard. Select a format, choose cookies, add a click through path and much more. Best of all, all your changes happen instantly with no need to change your video code.

My Account

View and access your Oculu account in one convenient place. Update your account and credit card information, change your monthly plan, add users and more.

Video Tab

All of your uploaded videos in Oculu are available in one easy to find place. With the Video tab, you can organize your videos by title, upload date, length, file size, and more.

Product Spotlight: Pre-Roll

Monetize your video content with online video ad serving from Oculu. VAST/VPAID  compliant ad serving technology lets you serve Pre, Mid and Post Roll ads on any of the videos you upload to Oculu. The perfect solution for publishers, Oculu even provides a video toolbox that lets you manage your video content while providing a host of features like analytics, Video SEO and Social Media Sharing. With demand partners like Google/DFP, Oculu connects your content to the right ads so you can reap all of the money making benefits... MORE

News and Reviews

Your Different Video Streaming Platform Options

If you are looking for innovative ways to propel your brand to greater heights, you might want to consider utilizing video media to market your business or train your staff. You will need a sizeable streaming platform to host your video and serve as a means of distributing it. There are many ways to publish your video on the Internet…


Pre-Roll Tools For Publishers

Did you know that Oculu makes managing video content and serving pre-roll ads easy for publishers? Our video toolbox offers features that make monetizing your content even more valuable. Find out all that Oculu offers for publishers!


Attention Span and Video: How To Prevent Viewer Abandonment

If you’re using online video for your business, you need to understand your viewers attention span is limited. Learn why you need to keep your message short & direct from John Cecil, author of Online Video Revolution.

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